Your Business and Family Relocation Service: Cyprus

Relocation to Cyprus

Your Business and Family Relocation Service: Cyprus

Moving with your family and your business to a new country is a big step that requires careful planning and execution. We’ll help you if you want to move to Cyprus. This country is a top destination for an international relocation with its situation and business environment. Let’s discover why Cyprus is the right choice for your business relocation and why my full services make your moving stress-free.

Expert in Relocation to Cyprus

Meinhard Bundschuh

About me

I am an expert in relocation services to Cyprus. I provide comprehensive support for individuals and businesses looking to move to this Mediterranean paradise. My services include:

  1. Consultation and Planning: I offer tailored advice on the legal, financial, and logistical aspects of relocating to Cyprus. This includes understanding residency requirements, tax benefits, and local regulations.

  2. Property Search: I assist you in order to find the perfect home or office space, whether for purchase or rent. At the same time, I ensure that it meets your needs and preferences.

  3. Administrative Assistance: I handle the paperwork and bureaucratic processes involved in obtaining visas, work permits, and registrations.

  4. Settling-In Services: I help you with the setup of utilities, banking, healthcare, and schooling to ensure a smooth transition into Cypriot life.

  5. Ongoing Support: I provide continuous assistance even after the move. This service includes the integration into the local community and addressing any issues that may arise.

As an expert, I ensure a stress-free relocation experience. That allows you to enjoy the benefits of living and working in Cyprus without the usual hassles.

Why Cyprus?

Cyprus has a unique combination of advantages that make it a top destination for international businesses:

My Business Relocation Services

Relocating a business is more than just moving physical assets. It’s a comprehensive process that requires a strategy that covers all aspects of the transition. That’s how you ensure all the paperwork is done when you move to a new country. My team at BS Holding offers personalized relocation services for businesses in Cyprus.

Personalized Relocation Service for Businesses in Cyprus With Meinhard Bundschuh

My team of experienced and qualified professionals will design a personalized relocation plan according to your business needs. Moving to Cyprus has never been easier! We will start by assessing your current operations and identifying the key areas that need attention. From there, we will create a comprehensive plan that covers all aspects of the move, from logistics and timelines to minimizing downtime and risk. We know every business is different, and our approach is always customized to achieve maximum efficiency and success. We will make your transition smooth so you can continue your business operations with minimal disruption. Trust in over 1,300 clients we have had! We have extensive experience in founding a company as Cyprus Limited.

How We Can Assist in Your International Relocation: Moving House & Company

We will make your move to Cyprus as smooth as possible by offering a wide and comprehensive range of services. We will provide you with full support according to your needs, including:

Our Relocation Services Expertise: All the Paperwork Done by Experts

We relocate companies from all over the world to Cyprus. Our team will identify and fix issues upfront, saving you time and money. We know the local market and regulatory environment, so we can guide you through the process. My experts will support you every step of the way. They’ll help you handle paperwork and permits, find the perfect office space, and make the transition for you feel smooth. We also offer personalized consultations to tailor our services to your needs so you can integrate smoothly into the Cypriot business scene. Trust us to make your move to Cyprus a success.

Success With Our Relocation Services

At BS Holding, my team and I focus on efficiency, safety and success. My experienced and committed team will make sure the transition for your business and your family is smooth and stress-free by providing full support and customized solutions. We will work closely with you to understand your needs and challenges and deliver results that will drive your business forward.

  • Local Market Knowledge: We’ll be using our local expertise to make the relocation process seamless.

  • Dedicated Support: We provide personalized support throughout the relocation process, from planning to execution.


Why is Cyprus a good destination for businesses?
The country is tax friendly, has a strategic location, supports business foundations, and offers a high quality of life.

How can BS Holding help with corporate relocation to Cyprus?
Our team will provide customized relocation services according to your business needs. We will assist with all services that are involved when moving to Cyprus.

Why should I choose the BS Holding?
With our local knowledge and relocation expertise, we will make the transition for your business smooth and efficient. We will provide personalized support and solutions according to your needs, so we are the perfect partner for your move to Cyprus.

How can I get started with BS Holding’s relocation services?
Just contact us through our website or email to schedule a consultation with our team. We will work with you to understand your needs and develop a customized relocation plan for your family and/or business. Get in touch and let us help you make your corporate relocation to Cyprus a success!